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Needs to be mentioned on this particular thread: the sleeping monster that is the DST/Daylight Saving Time glitch... this particular monster sleeps for up to 7 months at a time and only really upsets those of us who sync our calendars with a p.c. calendar, namely Outlook. This IS becoming a dealbreaker in my case. There are at least 2 time/clock related glitches here - one being that appointment/event times will show differently on Outlook and the iPhone after the DST comes into effect (there will be an HOUR difference...), irrespective of whether the p.c. clock/Time Zone settings AND the iPhone Time Zone settings are the same. The only solution ultimately seems to be to totally delete all appointments after the DST change date and re-input them all - a massive job in my case. The second issue is standalone alarms AND alarms attached to recurring appointments - alarms will sound off hour late or early and no matter how much editing you do with these the "ghost" alarms will still go off - again the only solution is to delete them completely and re-input.
I am currently banging down Apple's door about the issue but the problem is that Apple are still in a state of denial regards the problem and the level of complaints about it, despite it being a huge issue in my opinion, are relatively small across their customer base because (a) I seem to be in a minority in wanting to sync my p.c. calendar and (b) the problem only reveals itself twice a year.
Ideas for fix? Like I said there seem to be two separate issues as described. The calendar issue I feel could be something to do with iTunes and how it communicates with Microsoft Outlook during the sync process and as for the secondary problem it would appear that the iPhone cannot retrospectively apply time changes to historic repeating events after the DST event.
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