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Songs not in your iTunes library, but on your iPod, will be deleted from the iPod only if you use auto-sync. Auto-sync will sync the content to your iPod so that it matches your iTunes library. It is impossible to use auto-sync and not have it delete content not in your iTunes library. This means that you can sync your iPod to your computer and have it delete some content. Take it over to your wife's computer and sync it with that, her computer will then erase absolutely everything on the iPod to match her iTunes library.

You can disable auto-sync and use manual syncing. You will have to manually drag-and-drop content from your iTunes library to your iPod (all of this is done through iTunes), hence why it is called manual syncing. The better option would be for you to centralize all of your media in one location and then use auto-sync with your iPod. Auto-sync really is a no hassle process once you get things setup. Manual sync has its issues. For example, you can sync a song to your iPod manually. Eject your iPod and go wherever you want. What if there was an error in the song though? What if the track tag (such as song title, album title, artist, genre, etc.) was messed up? You can easily change that in iTunes. So you plug your iPod in, sync the updated song over, and everything is fine. Now your iPod will have two copies of the same song and you will have to manually delete the one with the bad information. Auto-sync will prevent this as it is smart enough to know when you have made changes to songs.

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