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I opened itunes, added the files, closed itunes, and then replaced the .itl file with a copy of the one from my old computer.

The problem may lie in the bold-ed part of the quote above. Current versions of iTunes for Windows have default prefs set to not automatically copy files into the designated iTunes Media folder when they are added to the library. (At least, that 's what I noticed two nights ago when I transferred an iTunes install from an XP machine to a new Win7 machine for a friend.) This means that when you added those files to the new machine's iTunes -- unless you set Prefs->Advanced to "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library" and didn't mention it here -- the files were merely linked to the new iTunes from their original locations (either the external drive you used for the transfer, or the old computer they've always lived on if you networked the two computers together for transferring the files) and now iTunes can't find those paths.

To my mind, the easiest way to fix things is this: First, make sure you still have the Consolidated "iTunes" folder on the old machine; this one "iTunes" folder should hold all your music and other content files, along with the "iTunes Library.itl" file and the other support files. Second, quit iTunes on the new machine; now replace the "iTunes" folder on the new machine with the "iTunes" folder from the old machine. (Do not add music files to iTunes before doing this; that's most likely how you got into this predicament ;-) There is no Third -- everything should be good now.*

* "Everything should be good now" -- I'm assuming that your Consolidation was done according to Step 1 in my post, above, from this past January: that you Consolidated everything into the "iTunes" folder on the XP machine. If that's the case, then the probs you're having now are because you made Steps 2 and 3 too hard (there's nothing in those steps about adding music to iTunes; simply copying over the old machine's "iTunes" folder is enough).

OTOH, if you did not Consolidate your music files into the "iTunes" folder, then you should post again with the particulars of what you did do....
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