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I spent the last 9 months methodically downloading/categorizing/artworking/transfering ALL my music onto a 120 gb ipod classic. It was my joy! I had it fully complete last month. Never had a problem. I listened to it all the time. Thanksgiving afternoon, I went to turn it on and it displayed "No Music" I reset it...nothing...reset again, and again...nothing. Plugged it into my comp. Error said "itunes can not read ipod, restore to factory settings. I removed itunes, redownloaded...same thing. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED??? My ipod is set to manually synch all music. The last album I put on is Nickelback's new album. I searched high and low to find alot of this music. Some from (Now defunct) Limewire. I had no back but a few hundred CD's. I'm in shock. What causes an ipod to just fully vanish 17,000 music files??? It sat on my chair by my bed for one complete day. Last time I used it it was properly ejected. (As always) Whern I look into ipod's settings, where the storage meter is when it worked properly all my audio was in blue. Now all the storage is in orange. I have a 469mb of room left, I can't dwnld even one song. How does this happen?????????????
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