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Bad apple customer service bad bad bad bad

[QUOTE=zoli10;1397527]But no idea why this would/could happen?

I contacted Apple and was met with the most condescending, patronizing person I've ever dealt with....he then told me i needed to contact iTunes store customer service who only communicate via email.

Don't think you're alone. I've spoken to 7 "Senior Level Techs." None of whom were able to resolve the problem. Every one of them takes your phone number, but when they intentionally disconnect you, they don't call you back. I'm sure they're all unemployed and sitting home getting drunk just waiting to unfurl their misery on YOU.

There's no question that these hacks are not employed by Apple. (Though they are trained to fight dirty like the Apple Scientologists who work in the stores. Who are just as bad.) They are horribly rude and employ the most juvenile and transparent intimidation tactics as to be laughable. When they realize they're not knowledgeable enough to fix your problem, then the bullying starts. The idea's to get you so frustrated you'll lose your temper & start cursing at which point they'll say: "I'm sorry. I will not tolerate bad language." At which point, they've got you. The trick is DON'T LOSE YOUR TEMPER OR CURSE NO MATTER WHAT. Then they'll stop talking. This is a very common intimidation tactic. The one who speaks first, loses. Let THEM get all uncomfortable with the silence. I have no idea how they've gotten a reputation for good customer service. They're insulting, patronizing, & worse know NOTHING about fixing a computer or its software. Here are the gems I've gotten to have a little fun with, all SENIOR TECH ADVISERS!

When I asked James B. at 4:15 p.m. PDT today to put me on to his manager because neither he (with whom we spent 2 hours on the phone, )
nor Erine (who had me in the middle of partitioning my hard drive when she dropped the call, never to return it---TWO HOURS ON THE PHONE WITH HER! This also happened now we're at FOUR HOURS) nor Mark Knutson (two days ago on JULY 9, our call starting at 2:15 p.m. and lasting an hour & a half before he dropped the call, never to be seen nor heard from again) nor Rob nor Big Wally nor anyone else could fix the problem, James B. responds: "My manager doesn't talk to people." My my. Who DOES he talk to? Chimpanzees?


Big Wally
Mark Knutson
James B

Not to mention at the Apple Store. They start out all helpful, then they turn into Rottweilers once they see you have a problem they don't know how to fix. This is what they've been trained to do. Get the word out.
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