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Manual way to transfer playlists and ratings from ipod to itunes

Here's a manual way to get some of your meta-data from your IPOD to Itunes:

Backing up playlists
Follow these steps:

Open iTunes.
Select one of your playlists from the Source list.
From the File menu, choose Export Song List. A Save dialog appears.
From the Format pop-up menu, choose XML.
From the Where pop-up menu, choose Desktop.
Click Save.
Repeat steps 2 through 6 for each of the playlists that you have created in iTunes.

From the File menu, choose Import.
Navigate to and select one of the exported playlist files on your Desktop.
Click Choose.
Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each of the playlist files that you have exported to the Desktop.

To get ratings, use the smart playlists while your IPOD is plugged into your computer. Create a smart playlist with the rating you want (e.g. only 4-stars). Then create a manual playlist for that rating category (maybe call it Manual 4-stars).

Then use the instructions above to export from your ipod to your itunes. Once in the newly created playlist in itunes, you'll notice the ratings didn't transfer over. Just highlight all, right click, choose ratings, highlight 4-stars and now all of your songs should be properly rated.

Hope it helps.
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