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Jesse Hollington

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I actually used your question in this week's Ask iLounge column

It is very likely that you won't be able to use any outbound mail server when you're on your work network. Most business networks block ALL outbound mail that isn't routed through the company's own internal mail server, and even sometimes you can't get at that server directly as it's designed to be used by the internal e-mail system (ie, Microsoft Exchange). College and school networks will generally have similar restrictions in place.

For use at home, you should check to see if your home ISP has their own mail server that they expect you to use. Frequently this will be the mail server for your ISP-based account (e.g. if you were on Comcast it would be the server for your e-mail address). Configuring this as a secondary mail server may allow you to get around any ports that your ISP is blocking. It's rare that ISPs block 587, but it's not unheard of.

Coffee shop Wi-Fi hotspots should be the most open of all, however, in terms of at least allowing 587 traffic out, although again there are some that only provide web surfing and no access to anything else. However, if you can receive mail on a public hotspot you should also be able to send mail, as long (as you're not using port 25 to do so).

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