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Problem sending email via Wi-fi

I am able to send email within seconds when I'm connected through 3G. Back when I had the 1st gen iPhone, I was able to send on the Edge network. But with both phones, I've never been able to send email when I'm connected through Wi-Fi to any network (home, work, coffee shop). Receiving mail works, as well as other Web functions. I just cannot send email, and in the rare case where it does work, it's taken literally hours for a short email to send.

I used to think this was a weird phone thing and just ignored the problem since I always had the phone's network to do the job. But just last week I got an iPad and the exact same thing is happening--can't send through Wi-Fi--and with my iPad, I don't have the option of 3G.

Why is it that it's only sending mail that won't work, and only with Wi-Fi? I've configured the setting according to my web host's specifications.

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