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I am a Apple Worker and i know everything there is to know about the Iphone, i am the one that assembled many iphones and maybe yours...but anyways, u have a Digitizer Screen problem, which is when the iphone experiences some kind of knock damage to the screen that could happen many different ways, but the only thing u can do is replace the Digitizer (the screen its self), you can get u an after market one off of ebay for 8 bucks and make sure u get the one that comes with the disassemble items with it so u could do it yourself and they should give u instruction on how to replace it , or you could go to youtube and search how to replace screen and follow the steps but be careful not to damage any wiring.

If you all need any more assistance please email me at redacted. but if you are scared you might damage it, you could send it to me and i will replace it for with a warranty on it, if you would like, but please don't think I am a Scam or anything, I work with Apple, i have over 100s of IPhones and i really don't need anymore.

Dale Hoffman

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