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Putting it in an airtight bag filled with dry rice was smart but you should have left it off. People always mistakenly try to turn their iPods on right after they get wet. You don't want to do that. In fact, you want to keep the iPod in the airtight container with rice for at least two weeks before attempting to turn the iPod on. That will help ensure that any circuitry does not get damaged by having electricity flow through it while wet.

Apple won't touch your iPod though, they do not cover user damage and they can tell when iPods get wet. Accident or not, getting an iPod wet is user damage and is not covered under Apple's warranty. You would have to rely on a third part repair service which can cost quite a bit if you have to replace the logic board, display, and pay for the installation of said parts. The costs would be so high that you might as well just buy a new 4G iPod touch.

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