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I got annoying wireless duplicates when I transferred my iTunes XML library

I've been trying for the past two months to transfer across my playlists and play counts from my old XP computer to my new Windows 7. Last time, in 2006, when I changed PCs, my iTunes library updated perfectly. This time only the songs transferred across but all my meta data didn't.

I tried exporting and uploading the XML library into my new itunes - BUT it duplicated all my songs with a wireless version, and the playcounts were only present on the 'streamed' versions of my songs. I thought perhaps I hadn't correctly stipulated the right file path in the XML file - or that it my music files were in the different folder and not in the right directory on Windows 7. I redid the steps, double checking file paths and centralised all music files into the music folder that iTunes nominated for Windows 7, but I still got duplicates.

So I tried something else - trial and error style - and it worked. I simply transferred over the ITL file from my old PC onto my new PC, and my playcounts and playlists updated accordingly with no duplicates.

(The ITL file is basically a snapshot of your itunes library since its last update. So it makes sense to replace the brand new ITL file with an older version if you want to retain your player history.)

Here are the steps I did to retain playcounts.
I'm not a nerd and am self-taught in a lot of computer things, so you may want to use personal discretion in following my steps. I'm just going to list EVERYTHING i did, but follow steps that you feel are necessary.

As mentioned before, I was going from XP to Windows 7. My steps are written for these OS.

1. Because I had wireless duplicated on itunes, I decided the best way to get rid of these were to uninstall itunes and start again. So I backed up my music folder (containing music, music, podcasts, etc) on a separate location.

2. I did a search on my old PC for an .ITL file (you may need to switch on hidden files or show file extensions if you can't find it).

3. If you have more than one to choose from, grab the most recent ITL one, which should be no older than 3 weeks old. This is where I stuffed up. My old PC updated its library (and therefore ITL file) in Sept 2010 - probably when I added new songs into iTunes. But when I got my new PC, I decided to delete a lot of music files that I never listened to, and update music titles, artists, albums that were incomplete. This was done my new PC in Nov 2010. In other words, my new PC had different music files to my old PC; my new iTunes library was better organised than my old iTunes library; AND my playcounts on my old PC was 2 months old. The most recent ITL file on my PC was 2 months out of date in terms of playcounts, accuracy of dong information and song files itself. This is what I recommend you do if your ITL file on your old PC is more than 3 weeks old - add any new song into your old iTunes and don't update any song information or add new songs on your itunes on your new computer - they will be overriden when you replace ITL files.

4. Drag the most recent ITL file from your old PC onto your desktop. COPY it onto your new PC's desktop.

4. On your new PC, uninstall itunes and re-install a clean version.

5. Open iTunes and drag all the music folders onto the application. This will transfer the your music, podcasts, etc. (My itunes didn't update when I simply copy and pasted my old music files into the identical folder on explorer - even after i restarted).

6. CLOSE ITUNES ON YOUR NEW PC!. If you don't shut down iTunes, the ITL file won't update in the subsequent steps because the file is 'open'.

7. On your NEW PC, do a search for .ITL file to see where it's located.

8. Grab your OLD ITL file, copy it again and rename a version so it's exactly the same as the new ITL file in step 7.

9. Place the renamed OLD ITL file into the same folder as the new ITL file in Step 7 - a dialogue box should display saying that two files exist with the same name, which one do you want to keep. Choose the file with the same creation/modification date as your old, renamed ITL file.

10. Open iTunes again - your playcounts and playlists should now be updated to reflect the same state it was on your old PC.
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