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Originally Posted by tecweston View Post
Actually, I admitted that I was NOT assuming what kind of iPod they had, you were.
To be accurate, you saying you were not assuming they had a newer iPod IS assuming they have an older iPod (if A & B cannot both be true and you answer A, that means !B and all that basic logic stuff).

People other than the person you conceived of your answer being aimed at are reading this thread. People who haven't even heard of iLounge today will wind up reading this thread sometime in the future. It is better to have complete, accurate information so as to avoid confusion.

All I was saying was that I was trying to help answer their question, and you came along and said "this is inaccurate!" It's really irritating.
Pretty much the very nature of internet communication since long before there were web forums and we did all this stuff on usenet. Someone says something, that prompts someone else to say something, that prompts two others to say something...

If you're taking that sort of dialog personally when it's not directly aimed at you, get some perspective...
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