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Originally Posted by tecweston View Post
P.S. If you want your iPod to live-update that playlist (using a "last played is not in the last x days" rule), you'll need to sync all the smaller playlists to your iPod as well as the main playlist, so the iPod knows where to pull tracks from. If you don't want the smaller playlists taking up room on the playlist menu, you can throw them in a folder. I put all mine in a folder called "XYZ" so it appears at the bottom of the screen, out of the way.

But if you don't care about live updating, then you can just sync the main playlist and be fine.
This is largely irrelevant. The only currently shipping iPod that has any sort of live updating to speak of is the classic. The 5G nano sort of worked, but no linking to another playlist nor use of the iTunes 9.X nested logic. Otherwise, it's 2008 and earlier clickwheel iPods. On all iOS devices and the 6G nano the only sort of smartlist that will live update is the useless kind.
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