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Originally Posted by JollyBoy View Post
Is there any way of selecting/limiting the amount of tracks that can feature by one artist in a smart playlist?

Say if i wanted to make a smart playlist of acoustic tracks featuring many artists, could i limit, say, Oasis, to no more than 5 tracks?

Yes, using nested playlists. I do a version of this, using playlists to make a 100-track smart playlists which has 24 5-star songs, 34 4-star songs, 20 songs recently added, etc. Each one has their own playlist which my main playlist pulls tracks from in a random order.

So just create your 5-track Oasis playlist, whatever other playlists you want to make, and then a main playlist with "playlist is Oasis," "playlist is Beatles," "playlist is Led Zeppelin," etc.

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