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I have the same problem and can't find a fix, either. Outrageous to have a problem like this for a product in this price segment. On this Amazon page: Michael Spitzer's review of Bose SoundDock digital music system for iP...
some guy suggests doing the following:
That hissing noise can be fixed, easily. Pull the bottom plate off (It is attached by 4 screws) There is a green motherboard with 2 ribbonwires. One of the ribbonwires (the one the mounts the ribbon vertically) has loosened up. Use a tweezers to pop it back into place and that noise will disappear. This is a design flaw, as the action of inserting/removing your ipod, coupled with the action of setting your sound dock down will work this ribbon loose.
I have not tried this yet and so I can't tell you if this guy is making a disastrous recommendation or not. Someday when I'm feeling adequately annoyed and masochistic, I'll give it a shot, I suppose. FWIW, 22 out of 23 readers of the Amazon page thought the advice was useful! We shall see...
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