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Bose Sounddock hiss - anybody ever fixed it?

I have an original first-generation Bose Sounddock. It works fine, except there's a high-frequency noise whenever an Ipod is plugged in. It's not quite white noise, it has a little bit of a squealing quality to it. It's irritating when music is played at low volume, and it's especially bad when the ipod is in and I'm not playing music. I've tried it with two different Ipods and it's the same.

Bose gives me two options, either pay $90 for repair, or $180 for an upgrade to a new Sounddock Portable. I don't really want to spring for either of those, especially the repair since used ones go for $100. My only idea is to get the upgrade and sell it for profit.

Has anybody found any solution to this? I googled, one guy said there's a loose cable that causes it, but I opened it up and there didn't seem to be anything loose. Someone else said there's some issue with a noisy power supply, but I don't want to go buying a PSU if I don't know that will help.
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