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Media Center Question

I'm pretty much a noob at this, so some of my questions may be pretty basic sorry.

Here is what I want to do:

I simply want to be able to rip all of my kids' DVD's to some sort of hard drive device that will allow my kids to use something like Front Row to watch their movies without getting the DVD's out and making them look like someone ate a PB&J on them. It needs to be accessible with a remote and have a decent amount of storage.

I know how to rip, so that's not an issue. I just need help on knowing what hardware I need and how to hook it to the TV.

Getting new TV, so I will buy based on what I need to do this.

If it matters, I have an iMac and an AirPort Extreme

What's my best option? Apple TV? Mac mini? Something else?

Once that is determined, if I wanted the ability to record from TV, what would I need to do. (this is very low on priority list, but was just wondering).

For the record, I really have no interest downloading movies or renting via iTunes or NetFlix etc.

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