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Software Compendium - Mac & Windows

Originally posted by Kurt (c.c.r.) from the old Forums:

I wanted to try and collect all the info about the various iPod apps in one spot.

If you would like to reply to this thread, please do. However, please only post replies that add to the information here or add new programs. Also try to stick to the format. Let's keep discussion of the pros and cons of these programs in other threads and keep this one just for the compilation and cataloging of programs.


MusicMatch Jukebox (MMJB)(
The CD that comes with a Windows-formatted iPod contains a special edition of MMJB v7.1 and a "Portables" plugin. This is the method that Apple has decided will be best for you, as a Windows user, to enjoy your iPod.

MMJB falls into the "iPod Management" and "Music Management" categories; With this version of MMJB, you can:
- Rip CDs into MP3s.
- Edit your MP3 tag information.
- Create custom playlists on your local machine.
- Manage your iPod's music database (with Apple's version of MMJB only):
- Send/synch your MMJB playlists and files to/with your iPod.
- Create and manage playlists on your iPod.
- Delete songs from your iPod.
- Rename your iPod.

iPod for Windows
The CD that comes with a Windows-formatted iPod also contains this software package. It includes two pieces of software:
- iPodwatcher: A small utility that runs in the system tray and monitors your iPod's mounted/unmounted state, as well as its connected/disconnected state.
- iPod Software 1.2 Updater: A very important utility that lets you restore or update an iPod's firmware to Windows v1.2 or later. This program is highly sought-after because it will allow you to convert a MacPod into a WinniePod.

Media Center 9(iPod Management, Music Management)

- 30-day trial version, $39.95 to license.

- MC9 is currently the only Windows program that supports full synchronization of the iPod's Ratings, Playcounts and Last Played information. What this means is that if you change a Rating on a song on the iPod, when you sync with MC9, that rating change will be reflected in MC9s library. And any smartlists you have based on Ratings will be updated accordingly. Same with the Playcounts and Last Played date.

Essentially, your iPod listening habits are now fully sync'd with MC9's library and all smartlists will be updated accordingly. This is new for windows users of the iPod. You can check out this thread for more information.

- Serves as your default media player
  • Rip CDs, internet lookup via YADB, encode to/playback from mp3, ogg, ape, etc.
  • Excellent tagging features, including tag from filename, and tab-based rename.
  • Great database; tracking of play counts, ratings, import dates, and more.
  • Create/manage playlists and smartlists on your local machine.
  • Other features include TV and PVR functions, CD burner, internet radio, image and video support, and "Hairstyle," an under construction competitor to Windows Media Center.
- Manage your iPod's music database:
  • Send/synch your MJ smartlists, playlists and files to/with your iPod.
  • Create and manage playlists on your iPod.
  • Delete songs from your iPod.
  • Safety convert function that will convert your music to mp3 during transfer. Good if you want to hear your .ogg and .ape on your iPod but don't want to have two copies of each file.
Finally, the PC has a media player that has the potential to live up to the "iTunes experience" with an iPod. Smartlist synching has arrived! Play count updates may be in the immediate future! Composer tag support is also a strong possibility.

Ephpod was originally designed to be used in conjunction with Macdrive or Macopener (programs that let you read HFS-formatted disks on a Windows PC), and thusly, to allow someone to use a MacPod on a PC. Since the advent of WinniePods, the iPod community has discovered that Ephpod can be used to manage an iPod with zero additional software.

The current version of Ephpod (2.57) falls into the "iPod Management" and "iPod PDA Management" categories, allowing you to:
- Send/synch local files, folders, and .m3u playlists to/with your iPod.
- Create and manage playlists on your iPod.
- Delete songs from your iPod.
- Rename your iPod.
- Export contacts from Microsoft Outlook and send them to your iPod.
- Create basic appointments and send them to your iPod.
- Perform a host of other utilitarian and maintenance functions on your iPod.

The current version of XPlay (v1.0.3) works with both MacPods and WinniePods.

XPlay is geared to work differently than most other programs. Rather than giving you a program that you run everytime you want to interface with your pod, it runs as a system service and integrates your iPod's music database into Windows Explorer. You can configure your iPod by right-clicking it in My Computer. XPlay also provides a condiut for Windows Media Player 8 and 9, in effect giving WMP the same functionality that MMJB (above) provides.

XPlay falls solely into the "iPod Management" category, allowing you (via Windows Explorer and Windows Media Player) to:
- Send/Synch local files, folders, and .m3u playlists to/with your iPod.
- Create and manage playlists on your iPod.
- Delete songs from your iPod.
- Rename your iPod.

These programs have nothing at all to do with the iPod, per se. They are, however, excellent freeware tools that you can use to create MP3's on your hard drive. These programs fit into the "Music Management" category.
- EAC, or Exact Audio Copy, is arguably the best utility to dump (or "rip") CD audio to .wav. (
- LAME is often used in conjunction with EAC, and is arguably the best utility to encode .wav to .mp3. (
- CDEx is an outstanding freeware program that rips CD audio to .wav and encodes .wav to .mp3. (

Dr. Tag, Tag & Rename, Remamer
These programs also have zero to do with your iPod. However, they are very useful for managing your mp3 collection. You see, the iPod displays songs based on their id3 tags. If your tags aren't set properly, then your songs won't be displayed properly on your iPod. So, you can use these programs to properly tag your files. They also fall squarely into the "Music Management" category.
- Tag & Rename link:
- Dr. Tag link:
- Renamer (freeware) link:

Originally posted by Adlopa from the old forums
ID3-TagIT (MP3 management) (freeware)

* Individual and multiple Tag editing
* Tag removal
* Tag to filename/filename to tag
* v1/v2 tag transfer
* File organisation (folder management based on tags)
* Tag case conversion

Another excellent ID3 tagging program, not quite as slick as Tag&Rename but a little more versatile (IMO) and it's freeware!

Be sure to click the British flag to get to the English pages.

iPodRemove (iPod System Utility)

Updated (10/08/05) link for this software for downloading zip file:

These links are no longer being used: or


iPodRemove is program created by iPodlounger LeftFieldSG. It is a simple .exe that, when run, will unmount your iPod so you can safely unplug it. No more clicking on the little "Safely Remove Hardware" icon at your system tray. iPodRemove works independently of any other program, so no matter HOW you use your WinniePod, this program will successfully unmount it.

Since it's a standalone .exe, you can use it in some very creative ways:
  • Create a shortcut on your quick-launch toolbar, Start menu, or desktop for easy access
  • Create a shortcut and assign a CTRL-ALT-key hotkey to it
  • Assign it to a key on your multimedia keyboard, if supported (I have mine assigned to the "calculator" key of my Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro)
  • Call it via command-line, script, or batch file
  • Set up a command in Girder and dismount your iPod via remote control
That's all I can think of now, but you can begin to see how incredibly versatile this program is.

Outpod is a freeware program, created and supported solely by the author, that falls into the "iPod PDA Management" category. It is, in my experience, the very best way to mass-export your Outlook contacts and appointments to your iPod. Definately worth a look. (

Also see this location for a list of free and shareware 3rd party programs that will also transfer from the iPod contents back to your computer including videos and podcasts:

Please also see the iPodlounge Downloads page for more Windows software.

Edit - updated dead links.

Click the image to open in full size.

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