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iTouch 2.0 Firmware Update Question


I have an iTouch with firmware 1.1.4. It is NOT jailbroken. I need to update to 2.0. I have purchased the 2.0 fireware from itunes, but I can not get it to download.

I live in a rural area, and connect to the internet using a dial-up modem. I have tried several times and after 12 hrs. I get booted off. I think it is my ISP and not Apple.

I have contacted Apple and can not get a resolution.

I have searched online for the firmware update, and have found several sources. I also have a friend who is willing to save their purchased update file to a flash drive. I don't know what else to do. Are there other options?

Can I save the update file to my computer from the flash drive and update that way? If so, would I choose the "Restore" or "Update" button?

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