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Originally Posted by locus
OK I have been looking (maybe not hard enough) but I can not find a way for sure to tell me if my touch is 1G or 2G . Is there a way to tell ? the findings I have found so far makes me think that the 8GB Touch are 1G and the 16 GB are 2 G but I Have a 32 GB does that make it 3G ? I bought mine a couple of months ago if that helps, and I did upgrade the firmware to the 2.0

Thank you

P.S. never mind just found out the 2G has buttons on the side for volume control and mine does not so I guess I have the 1G.
The New Touch has chrome around the touch + Back, The Only on is dark gray around the touch and it doesnt have Genius Playlist. The new and old ones are all 8GB, 16GB, 32GB.

The Old ones, on the back the antenna (black part) is squarish with pointed corners, the new one is more of an oval circle shape. with no corners.

Heres some pics of old and new Ipod Touches:

1st Gen:

2nd Gen:

And the new one on the back its not flat it curves and it feels more comfortable.

iPod touch 2G 8GB
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