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If you intend on connecting the iPod to a TV, using an Apple TV connected to a larger TV or watching the video on a larger screen such as a computer use the hi-rez setting. It uses a larger resolution, 640x480, and a higher bitrate which looks better on larger screens.

The lo-rez setting is 320x240 and a lower bitrate which will have a smaller file size and looks good on the iPod's small screen but not as good on larger screens.

Some will recommend using the DVD's native 720x480 or an anamorphic resolution setting for newer iPods. I have not had much success using these settings since I have an older 5G iPod video which is a little more strick with video files. I stick with the iPod hi-rez setting in Handbrake for a good reliable and compatible format that works on all my iPods whether it is connected to a TV or not. The hi-rez video also looks great on my Apple TV whcih is connected to a 40" LCD TV.

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