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Unhappy Beh.

I'm a very new user to iPod. I am also blessed with Win98SE. I was following these steps, but I cannot seem to get my iPod off of charging mode. Actually, it stopped charging for a while, then I get the bright idea to unplug it from my firewire and now it has resumed with the chargingfest. I have the updater program up and it's running, but it always says that the ipod is disconnected. I've been working on this thing all day and have learned a lot about my iPod from the endless searching for answers, but now I'm afraid that I'm at a point where I don't want to go on with the searching and the frustration and the headaches (I'm out of caffeine, come on).

I have the same version mentioned above, it's hooked in correctly to my the firewire, it stopped charging and the updater still didn't work... I'm out of solutions! Maybe I have the wrong hardware?
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