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Originally Posted by mnhnhyouh
One difficult to use but very powerful program is Media Monkey. If your song's filenames are all titled correctly, you can use it to write the tags from the song names. It will even to artist, album, song title, track number from the directory names and song titles.

I think, but am not sure, it will take a file name such as 03 - Some Song Name.mp3 and make up the tag data for track number and song title from that, removing the "03 - " from the front of the title.

I have media monkey and would try that, except that the new IPOD's have a different tag system that I have found does not work with other programs. For example, first I backed up IPOD with IPOD access (All O.K.), then I then searched for duplicates with ipod 2 ipod and removed them in ipod 2 ipod, but this caused itunes and my IPOD not to recognize the songs on my IPOD. It did say storage space was used, so I knew the songs were in there. This makes me skeptical of using non-itunes software. I reformatted IPOD and then reinstalled songs with itunes (All O.K. again).


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