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It says I have to be registered to post my comment even when I'm logged in, so here's my comment to Jeremy's most recent article about Apple's mis-steps (Posted on Sept. 20'th).

Once again Mr. Horwitz delivered another outstanding article that speaks the truth and is fair and reasonable. Someone should give Jeremy a bonus, this fan sure thinks so for Jeremy and the rest of iLounge not being a "suck up/censor truthful facts about Apple fan site".

Apple has changed a lot of their ways unfortunately. The biggest to me besides these were Apple shifting away from their white design. There are currently no white iPods, even though the line is called "Classic". Strange. The buggy software that hardcore fans excuse with "...well a firmware update came out" shouldn't be excused at all. It should be shipped in a fully functional way. I think Apple have taken these measures because the iPhone has been a huge flop and they're just not saying anything about it. Or its possible that they really are changing face.
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