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J. Horwitz

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rldunn, re:

(1) We also liked (obviously ) having comments on the reviews. But imagine trying to police a database of ~2,000 products from separate pages. As a reader, your attention might be focused on one or two of those products on a given day, but moderators have to deal with all of them. It is a more drastic measure than we wanted to take, but over time, it became necessary.

(2) I agree entirely. This was also my preferred solution. I'm hoping that we can make it happen soon.

Aceon: See 2 above, and having the full text in the forum would be part of my preferred solution. Re: vetting, however, the amount of moderation required to manually approve the first 100 posts for every new user (and the limited likelihood of someone sticking around that long) makes that unlikely.

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