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I appreciate that you're considering the problem and the best way of dealing with it. I've been a moderator at a tech site such as this, and I understand that sometimes it feels like there are no great options to deal with a problem, so you just make the best decision possible. But, you asked for feedback, so here are some specific comments:

1) I read the majority of the reviews and first looks on here, and either I've been overly naive or you've cleaned up the astroturfed posts before I noticed, because I haven't really seen this as a major issue when reading through the comments. I like having the comments in the reviews themselves to provide alternative viewpoints or questions to consider. Based on what I've seen, removing the comments from the review entirely seems like overkill.

2) If you do decide to stick with the change, it seems like the link to 'Discuss this product' should take you to a newly created thread regarding the review, and not just to the main Forum home page. The latter seems to be confusing, and many people will not find the correct thread to discuss the product.

Again, I love the site and appreciate all the work that you put in!!
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