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Buy a new iPod

I have had the same exact problem as you.

Over the past week I have tried every possible attempt to restore my iPod with iTunes 6 and 7 on a PC and a Mac. All attempts have been unsuccessful. I met up with a genius at the Apple Store today. He too could not restore my iPod. He also got the dreaded 1418 error.

He said the 1418 error is usually attributed to a corrupt file system, however, he did not rule out the fact that I may have caused some damage to the logic board by swapping hard drives.

In my case, the iPod from eBay may have had a bad logicboard that shorted out my good hard drive. In effect making the hard drive a dead short. When that hard drive was placed into my good iPod, it might have also shorted out that logicboard. In other words: he couldn't fix it.

Anyway, I bought a new iPod and my other two will be going on eBay for parts or repair.
Selling the broken one for parts or repair on eBay for $100-150 will help offset the cost of buying a new one.
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