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UPDATED: My case solution 2 years later

After reading the 100,000 posts on these forums about cases, etc. I decided to go with the iSee case, coupled with the standard Apple case. I have not seen a thread mentioning this combo before.

I was unsure about how I would feel about the iSee case, after reading so many posts from people unimpressed with the quality, bad fits, scratching, etc. I wanted to stick a post up here to give my opinions of it.

iSee: The case fits the 20 gig iPod perfectly. There are no gaps, no creaking, no movement, etc. It really does seem (to the untrained eye) like an extension of the iPod itself. I think most people will be very pleased with the fit of the case, and the impression it gives once installed. Speaking of installation, the iPod pretty much just drops right into it without incident. There doesnt seem to be much possibility for scratching the iPod while inserting it into the iSee.

When you hold the iSee in your hand you feel like you are still holding the iPod w/o a case installed. Sure, its a little bigger, but not any bigger than it would be in any other case. The case is very see thru and does a great job of showing off the iPod. It slips nicely into your pocket, and the rubber feet on the back are very nice as they secure the iPod to whatever it happens to be sitting on.

One negative about the case is the belt clip (which doesnt matter much, see below) which although a clever design, is too weak and fragile to be of any real use. I installed the belt clip and then removed it, and in doing so the socket on the iSee became warped and unusable, due to the weakness of the thin plastic that forms it. This was somewhat dissapointing since it is a quite visible defect, but nothing I cant live with.

iSee with Apple case: The perfect combo for me is using the iSee along with the Apple case that comes with the 20 gig iPod. This case is also available from the Apple Store. Its somewhat of a tight squeeze the first couple of times you use it, but it lightens up after a few uses. The Apple case adds the needed protection for the iSee, plus a much better belt clip. The iSee clip is fragile, and I didnt like the idea of the wheel being exposed while you wear the iPod on your belt. The iSee in the Apple case is the perfect solution.

Ive attached some images below:

Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.

One of the images shows the damage the clip can do when removed, the others show a few shots of the iSee inserted in the Apple case. Notice there is very little of the iSee exposed when inserted into the Apple case. Its a very nice fit, and a smallish combo. Fits perfectly on your belt, and the iSee slides in and out of it like the naked iPod after a little natural stretching.

Perfect combo for me, hope this helps someone out!

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