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did you just remove them from iTunes or did you delete them from your harddrive as well? Look in the location all your music files are stored in and see if the music is still there. If so just add it back into iTunes. If not, then it's gone.

I don't know if iTunes will allow you to re-download the music, you may get lucky though. Couldn't hurt to ask.

not to be rude, but this is why you should always keep a backup of your music. When I purchase music I burn audio CD's of the music I just purchased. I also backup all my media files (music, movies, pictures) and other computer files onto a 500GB external harddrive that I only connect once a week to back everything up to. This way, if my harddrive fails I have a digital copy of everything so I can just copy it back to the computer and if for some freak reason both my PC harddrive and backup external harddrives fail, I still have the burned audio CD's that I can re-import into iTunes.

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