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Yes I checked the shuffle settings / skip whilst shuffle you suggested but to no avail.

However I now have a bigger prolem and this is getting scary. I am not even going near the ipod at the moment as it looks like this is a problem with my loading CD's into itunes. I have just deinstalled itunes yet again and reinstalled it. I have just imported 2 CD's into the music library - these are the only CD's I have in the music ibrary. I click on play in the library (music) and .... nothing happens. It won't play at all. Mute is not on from neither the computer own settings or for itunes. Shuffle is not on. The songs in the music library are showing as AAC audio files (I had earlier today converted the whole of the library to AAC and then deleted it all when it would not play). I am wondering if I have now corrupted my computer with all this.

FYI before I went through this most recent deinstall/ reinstall I could play in all the songs the itunes ibrary but not in any of the play lists - except the 1 tune I had purchased from itunes of course!!
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