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NetLibrary now available thru Atlanta Fulton County Public Library

The Atlanta Library has recently added NetLibrary to its offerings. The site instructions are a bit confusing and I reworded and reordered to this:

Accessing NetLibrary remotely, through the Atlanta Fulton County Library website:

Go to AFC Library Site:

Get the GALILEO password:
• Click on "Books, Research, & Databases" (midway down on right side of page)
• Click "Catalog Search" from the dropdown menu;
• enter User ID/PIN; (Your library card number/pin)
• Click "Login to the e-Library OPAC";
• Click the blue "My profile" tab and you will find the Galileo password.

When you have the Galileo password:
• click “Home” or go to
• Click ‘Books, Research, & Databases '
• Click 'A-Z Databases',
• Scroll down to the NetLibrary database.
- remote users are prompted to enter their library card number and PIN
- on the following page, scroll down to and click on GALILEO and enter GALILEO password.
- - Access NetLibrary from the A-Z Database' list or go directly to website.
• Click on Create a Free Account -- at top right of page
• Fill in data, selecting a user name, password, and provide name, address and email address
• Record user info and pin
• Click OK
• You will be signed into NetLibrary to make searches and download audio books

After you obtain a NetLibrary user name and password, you can skip all the above and
• sign in directly, using your user name and password, at the NetLibrary Web site at (Bookmark it!)
• Search e-audio books. Specify Title or Author and key in either. The NL search is tricky:
• Even if your search shows no results, be certain to click on the link below the search results to see full results (repeat the search without excluding any results). NL may show none to a few books when there are many, many more on NL. NL search: “To provide you with the best overall search experience, we may have excluded some results of lower relevance. To view all possible search results, you can repeat the search without excluding any results.” Even if the search shows no results!
• download Net Library audiobooks, saving to a folder you can easily find

I just discovered clicking the link to view all possible search results shows books that I had previously thought were not available on NL. Even a very explicit search of book title showed no results and the book did not show until the repeat search link was clicked.
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