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vormech_netjak, I am feeling your pain....After searching for answers, I think the reason you have not gotten one is becasue there is none....

I too am facing the same thing, happened today and I am ready to scream....I ahve a 2nd gen 20gb and my iMac (Flat-screen) at home does not recognize the ipod not my teal G3 at work, nor my G3 iBook.....i am so frustrated as I have a stack of new music to put on it....

so i tried everything everybody suggested and all I got was the "ok to disconnect" message as what the eff is it?

i fear resetting as about 2/3rds of the stuff on it are not backed kick yourself for not doing least it plays, which i am thankful for...

after reading so many people having the same problem, i cannot help but question the timing of such a problem....
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