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Free Stories from Thriller / Brilliance Audio podcasts

Five unabridged stories from the Brilliance Audiobook collection, Thriller, are available as podcasts, either from the Brilliance Podcast web page or by iTunes subscription.
  • James Penny's New Identity by Lee Child
  • The Portal by John Lescroart and M. J. Rose
  • The Abelard Sanction by David Morrell
  • Epitaph by J.A. Konrath

These episodes were originally released this summer on iTunes and on AudiobookStand, Brilliance's commercial audiobook sales site, as part of the promotion for the book's release (see Thriller link). The story links at iTunes at and the AudiobookStand podcast page have been inactive from a month after the last story release until very recently. The iTunes web page link now points to the new Brilliance Audio podcast page instead of AudiobookStand. (The Brilliance podcast page still does not have a working RSS feed link). So it looks as though Brilliance may start releasing separate podcasts (like the Holtzbrinck, Penguin, SimonSays, Highbridge. NAXOS, Random House, and other publishers' podcasts)

The quality of the Thriller stories production is high - they're taken from the regular audiobook release. The International Thriller Writers, Inc. have been doing regular podcast releases for some time, so if you're interested in this genre you can try out the The Big Thrill podcasts of authors speaking about their work. The link given is to iTunes; you can also use the RSS feed.

Just as background for Audible subscribers, Brilliance Audio works are not released through Audible (or in the iTunes Store audiobook section). AudiobookStand handles their direct sales of cassettes and CDs; there's also a download store. A large number of their CD titles get released as mp3 CDs as well as audio CDs. In a recent wrinkle, they've been offering to produce cassettes on demand for their CD only releases.

[Aside: The New York Times 12/3/06 had an article "The Analog Geezer Holds On" -- you may need to register to read it. Excerpt: ]
What could possibly be listeners' attraction to cassettes, which melt in the heat, snap in the cold and hiss in the ear? For listening to a book, cassettes are an oddly elegant medium, analog like a book itself. If you need to hear a paragraph again, rewind for a few seconds rather than jumping back several minutes to where a CD's track began. Older CD players don't resume where you left off, meaning you have to hunt around to find your place.

Plus, said Eileen Hutton, vice president of Brilliance Audio, cassettes ''crossplatform bookmark, which CDs don't.' Say you drive to the shore and are halfway into Disc 17 of Richard Ford's ''Lay of the Land'' when you arrive. Eject it from the car's CD player, then transfer it to your compact CD player to take to the beach, and it will -- sorry -- always restart at the beginning. A cassette, on the other hand, would be right where you left it, as sure as the bent-over corner of a page.


''The cassette is dying a slow death,'' said John McElroy, a Grammy-winning audio book producer who would prefer his work be heard in pristine digital. ''But an exceedingly slow death.''
As is the case for NAXOS (who have just launched their own site for download sales; see earlier post), some Brilliance audiobooks may be available through public libraries via the OverDrive download service. (Unlike Brilliance, NAXOS also releases audiobooks through Audible and iTunes.)

Summary Thriller links:
  • Thriller podcasts at iTunes
  • Brilliance podcasts page (no links to mp3 files or RSS feed yet, but looks like it will shortly replace this AudiobookStand podcast page; which does currently have working links to the mp3 files)
  • Thriller Book web page for the book these stories were taken from
  • The Big Thrill author podcasts by these and other Thriller writers at iTunes

Update (1/3/07): The Thriller links on iTunes and at the Brilliance podcast page appear to have been removed with the start of the New Year. Instead, there are new podcasts that offer author interviews called "Briliance Bits". The only link that still works for getting the old Thriller episodes is the AudiobookStand podcast page.

There is also a working RSS feed now for the Brilliance podcasts

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